Wet and Wild

It's been raining it's you know what off the past week or so. We recorded almost 3 inches over the weekend in my little pocket of the world. To hear my friends tell the tale there's just no way that's possible because they didn't get anything out in the boonies but my little rain gauge tells a different story and it's one I'm listening to. Between the off and on rain and the mini heat waves in between my garden has suffered a little. Not much but enough to make me worry.
The tomatoes are still going gang busters. They've outgrown the stakes and spirals and I've resorted to pruning back the tops to try to keep them under control. They're beautiful really. Lots of foliage and little green tomatoes and there are a couple trying to show off some color. This time last year I had my first tomato by the 4th - of course I planted about 3 weeks earlier and stayed glued to the weather channel and paniced everytime I heard the word "frost" but damnit I got tomoatoes before anyone else! I played it safe this year - just hoping I won't regret it ...
Everything seems to be filling in nicely - I've harvested potatoes, cucumbers, squash and some nice candy onions. I need to take more pics soon.
Speaking of pics - the chicks are ginormous! They are almost 5 weeks old. They've moved into a larger pen and love cottage cheese - and tomatoes and bananas and yogurt and hardboiled eggs, and lettuce and sunflower seeds ... and a lot of other crap. Speaking of crap - they shit everywhere! Yes I know - birds shit - but it's like walking through a mine field when I take them out and they decide they want to hang out on the front walk way. Gotta get 'em out in the coop soon.