On Thursday I said goodbye to Pasty Butt.

My beautiful boy was just not meant for city living. I'd have kept him if I could but I didn't want the neighbors complaining about his crowing. I know I know. I come across like a bad ass when talking about the neighbors but I do have to live here and despite my growing disgust with how rude and annoying they can be at times I just couldn't overlook the fact that he was crowing his ass off . I have to admit that there are things I will do just to be a bitch but keeping a rooster within the city limits is not one of them. That just would have been ornery on my part and unfair to him in all his roosteryness.
It took a while but I finally found the little guy a good home. I put an ad out on line (not a good idea and will never do it again) and when that failed to produce an acceptable result I started calling around to the animal hospitals out in the neighboring boonies and I got lucky. He was adopted by a farm vet with a flock of his own who was only too happy to have a young rooster - something about needing another stud. After assurances that he wouldn't eat him (which was the problem with the responses on line - WTF??!!! Don't tell me you're gonna eat him for crying out loud - he's my frikkin' pet!) I took him on a long ride out to the country.
D. helped me get him into the carrier but the 30 min drive out to the country I made alone with my boy.
Before the vet's assistant took him to the back to swap out the carrier I reached in through the cage wire to stroke his feathers and coo my goodbye ...
Ungrateful little fucker pecked me on the webby part of my right hand. Should have let his little ass get et up. My broke heart healed up rather nicely after that and I bumped some Katy Perry all the way home.
C'est la vie!


A Place of Their Own

My husband is so good to me. He gave up his Labor Day holiday to start work on the chicken pen. Of course he's off work tomorrow and I have to go in to the office so maybe it'll be done tomorrow! (hint - hint)

Motivated to get started on the shed now. Would be cool to have a hang out spot in the back and be able to open that window over the coop and look out over my ladies - and hide from the kids. 



The summer growing season is winding down. I lost my pumpkins and gourds early in the season so not much to look forward to headed into the fall - except for of course - EGGS! BEETS! COLLARDS! LETTUCE! RADISH! BROCCOLI! CHARD! CAULIFLOWER! .... and finally - SWEET POTATOES!!!!!

So really not winding down - just not as much to do :) ... still gotta clean up the beds, once cleaned then seed the beds with a fall/winter cover crop, build the chicken pen (can't let them keep roaming the yard), dig the new beds for spring, plant out the garlic and I still haven't cleaned out the garden shed. Did I say there wasn't much to do? Yeah I lied. There's plenty to get done out there. Gotta mulch the asparagus bed too. Almost forgot.

I'm not deluding myself. I'm no farmer. I'll never be able to throw off the shackles of the man and do what I really want to do. Hell I'm not even sure I'd enjoy the "thrill" of working 13 hr days 7days a week but I would love to be able to dedicate more of my time to the homestead.

Yep - I'm actually building a homestead here.

I'm no "foodie". I'm not a voice for change. I just want to grow stuff in my yard and get eggs and meat from my birds (the meat part is the next step after eggs - gotta work up to the whole raise 'em to kill 'em thing though!). I don't mess around with pesticides or herbicides. I'm just working it out.

Tons of pics to load. Gotta get on that.


Pasty Butt - roo???

Little heifer is crowing! Not a true indicator but I'm more than a little suspicious!!!