Season closer

It's been a while since my last post. Been a little lazy lately - the lack of postings would suggest a lot lazy but I digress.
The garden is done for the season (late summer/fall sowings didn't go so well). Compost has been turned and leaves mulched. The girls have a finished pen and are snug in their coop on those cold nights. Putting up straw for easy winter access and stocked up on feed. No eggs yet which is kinda disappointing - no eggs soon and I'm not holding my breath - spring it'll have to be!
We had our first fall frost on the 28th - 9 days later than the average for these parts. Not surprised - we've had a pretty warm October. Tonight is no different. Lots of kids out - not enough for my liking but enough to keep me handing out candy regularity.
Overall I'd say this year was a pretty good year. I learned to can. Or rather I learned to can a little, I should say -  tomatoes, salsa and pickles. The basics. Tried out a new crop (popcorn) with very poor results (one funky ear of corn survived!). Beans didn't fair so well either. Peas did pretty good and the onions were great! Garlic was wonderful. The tomatoes were the bomb! This was a good year.
I have it in my head that the 2011 growing season will be awesome. 
The asparagus bed is going well. The garlic has been planted (6 varieties - 5 plots) and strawberries moved to a new home. Lots of runners repotted and waiting for a new home in the spring.
Lots of planning to do for the spring - potatoes to order and put in the ground (onion order has already been put in). Still have a little time left to get some new plots started.
So the season is over. No real exciting news. We ate what I grew and enjoyed it all. What more can I say?