Oh joy Oh joy

No eggs. I'm convinced I won't get an egg out of any of the girls until spring. That's so uncool. I would have loved to put something together for Thanksgiving using my fresh from the chicken butt eggs but no go. My ladies have other ideas. C'est la vie! I can wait - will only make that first omelet that much sweeter!



It's raining. It's cold. Gotta go tend to the chickens. They better be glad I love them.


No method, all madness

It's been an unseasonably warm October. Not sure if that's a true statement or not but it's seemed pretty damn warm to me. October is not a warm month around here and Halloween was crazy warm in these parts this year. At any given time it would have been raining and cold but it was dry and clear and I didn't have to layer the kid under her costumes before she headed out with the husband so to me that's warm. So it's been nice out and I've done nothing with it until today.
Today I decided to finally start another bed. I've had misgivings about going "in ground". I kept telling myself that folks had been gardening that way for eons but for a city girl who started out with raised beds breaking new ground took some nerve. I decided on a 10x7 foot area. Why 10x7 I don't know - it just looked right.
Now when I put in the asparagus bed (which is doing beautifully and holds a lot promise for the spring) I double dug. Double digging is hard back breaking work. It was a bitch. I just wasn't having it this time around. I broke out the Mantis and my lovely husband tilled up the sod. Bad move? Maybe. I'll know come spring. I put down some gypsum to and raked it in with a garden rake before watering. I topped it off with some old leaves and a 6 inch layer of straw to try to encourage a little worm activity. Like the post title says 'no method, all madness'. Like with everything else I do out there just going with the flow and hoping for the best.
I know I know. Tilling is bad. Still there's some time before I go back out to work the soil again so maybe I didn't do too much damage. It'll be worth it to at least start building up the soil in the new bed even if I don't do anything with it in the spring.
Damn chickens still ain't laying.