Sick and Tired and Sick of Being Tired

I'm a little sick. Well a lot of sick actually. I've been down with strep for the last 2 and a half days. Yes Virginia, you can get a really bad nasty case of strep throat as an adult. Needless to say I've been miserable. My loving husband has been tending to my girls out back, the kids, dinner, errands, and me. I love that man. I highly doubt I'd have been feeling so much better so quickly had he not taken such good care of me. He gets much love always! :) However, the absolute best part about being sick? I got to sleep in two days in a row! Seriously, I couldn't swallow, could barely drink and eat (had to force it down so I could take the meds the doc prescribed) and couldn't keep my eyes open longer than 40 mins at a stretch that first day but the fact that I got to go back to sleep once everyone was out of the house was the bomb! Yeah - I'm that easy.
This time of year just wears me down. The stress of the holidays and the cold and crazy weather. It just takes it all out of you. No wonder I got sick. Nobody else has gotten seriously sick around here - a few sniffles and sore tummys here and there but nothing stay off of work worthy. I should feel guilty for calling in to work but I don't. You get sick you take your days and you definitely don't go spreading it around.
Winter has finally settled in around here. Nothing to be done out doors other than to tend to the chickens. Seed catalogs have started arriving so lots of mental planning going on up in the old noggin.
Thanksgiving has come and gone (first year cooking up a turkey and it was wonderful!) and I'm sorry but I'm just not looking forward to Christmas. If I didn't have my girls to think about I'd chuck Xmas all together. But that's a rant for another day.
Lots of knitting going on. Lots of reading. Lots of looking out the window waiting for more snow and hoping for warmer weather. It'll get here. Just gotta stay healthy and be patient!
... and that's my boring post for the month.