Crappy crap crap crap!

The snow and the cold has been awful here in the Midwest. Just awful. It's been cold and snowy and just plain miserable and I've been going more than a little stir crazy. I hate being stuck indoors. I want to go out and play with the chickens. I want to go out and dig in the dirt. I want to go outside without my lips cracking and my eyelashes freezing. Yes, yes I sound like a petulant child but dangit I'm sick of being indoors! At least I have my loving other half to keep me warm at night - he's so good at that kind of thing. :)

 It's a crappy picture and it wonderfully captures what was a crappy day!

I need spring. I need spring to come tomorrow. Oh wait - we're getting highs in the 50's this weekend - that's close enough I guess.

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