Potatoes are coming!

Received confirmation today that my tators will ship next week! Yeah! Spring is coming. :)
This year I placed my order with Ronniger Potato Farm in Austin, CO. I'm very excited to give these tubers a try. I'm hoping to have better luck with this time around.
I prepared a plot for planting in early Fall and am hoping this year goes a lot better than last year. Ok - so maybe I was a little hasty last year in digging/dumping my potato bags but I wanted potatoes and I wanted them "now!" so I really have no one to blame but myself for the failed harvests. Alas - yet again my impatient nature reared it's ugly head - well not this year!

I will be planting:
Bliss Triumph (red)
Purple Viking
Purple Majesty
Pink Pearl
Ozette Fingerling


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