Sweet potatoes

After many fruitless searches on the internet I found very little about when to start rooting my sweet potatoes for slips but plenty of info on how to start rooting my sweet potato slips - so in defiance of the harsh winter weather we've been getting I'm hedging my bets and I decided to start them today. Probably starting them too early but last year I probably started them too late (late March maybe??) Not really sure but I definitely know I didn't do all I could do to get the slips going strong.

In late Fall, year before last ('09), I picked up a couple of Japanese sweet potatoes from a local farmer's market and stored them over the winter and used them to start the slips I put out last summer. Not knowing a damn thing about how to plant, care for and harvest sweet potatoes I'm surprised I got any at all but I did - some big, some small and lots of very sad looking ones. I saved out the very best ones and am using those and a few others I picked up at another farmer's market this year.

 I've got 6 tubers going - two had already started to sprout so I'm hopeful! Right now, at this very moment, they are sitting atop my fridge (the warmest spot I think of without breaking out the seeding table and lights which I've got plans to do this weekend - just not tonite!). Here's to tators!

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